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In support of a transition away from fossil fuels in the City of Richmond, the Richmond Progressive Alliance (the RPA) began a community-engagement process called The Listening Project. The goal of the Listening Project is to better understand the concerns and needs of Richmond communities that have historically suffered the greatest harm from generations of fossil fuel operations in our City. To do this, we surveyed and listened to our community about the climate crisis. We created the Listening Project Podcast to share our stories to amplify our voices. It is important that we continue to hear our community, center our needs, and build people power! 


Marisol Cantu

A fearless leader and organizer. I imagine children grabbing their roller skates, not inhalers before they go outside, where the community and madre tierra are protected, loved, and transformed. 


Kevin G. Ruano Hernandez

"OG Organizer EJ Youth Natures Lovers Club Kick Ass dude", I imagine the future Richmond, prosper with health equity and move forward without the worry of respiratory illnesses, and poor air quality."



"Original LP Organizer, now with the Sierra Club'. I imagine the environment and the community being healthier than ever


Alfredo Angulo

Youth Organizer, Wannabe Lorax. I imagine a Richmond without fossil fuels, where we treat the land with the love and respect it gives us.


Zack Fuson

intern. I imagine a regenerative and sustainable Richmond, free from corporate domination.

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